Kalimera…Lesvos, here we come!

Today our crew arrived on the Greek island of Lesvos, ready to film the third and last section of our documentary.

Our local guides throughout this journey will be Emre and Panos, our Greek crew members whom you met in Brandenburg and Aragon respectively, and Elena, the local coordinator for the Greek partner organisation, Bridging Europe.


Elena, on the right, preparing the interview with our first Greek protagonist

We left the port of Piraeus (Athens) yesterday evening, ready to spend our night on the ship that would take us to Lesvos early in the morning. Upon our arrival on the island, we were awakened by a beautiful sunrise on the Aegean sea – the perfect frame for us to test our equipment before arriving at the port of Mytilini.


As soon as we set foot on the island, we had a quick and much needed breakfast at our hotel, during which we discussed and organised the interview with our first protagonist, Marialena.


First stop: Geras, where Marialena and her family own an olive grove

Marialena took us to her family-owned olive grove in the area of Geras, surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountain, sea and small fishermen villages. During the car ride, she described in detail the various steps through which olive oil is produced as well as the many benefits that can derive from the engagement of local youth in farming and agriculture.

Unfortunately, by the time we arrived to the olive grove the weather was not on our side anymore. Our awesome crew, however, did not give up and took filming to a whole new level between the pouring rain and the tricky hilly terraces of the olive grove.

On the way back, we stopped to take some shots in a typical fishermen village, where we also had the chance to meet and interview Marialena’s mother and learn more about life in this rural area.

This time the beautiful pattern created by the clouds in the sky worked in our favor, creating a palette combining warm and cool tones. Moreover, a flock of geese, a group of seagulls and various free-roaming cats became our new protagonists during our afternoon shooting, which surely gave a rustic and Greek island touch to our adventure.


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