You&Me – a youth film project for a new European narrative

Rural areas are generally associated with isolation, lack of activities, infrastructure and services, a restricted job market and, overall, fewer opportunities for their inhabitants. For this reason, young people in those isolated areas are often stereotyped as bored, lacking ambition, sometimes as troublemakers.

You&Me is a project for and by young Europeans coming from rural areas who want to challenge this representation of rural youth and provide a fresh look at rural areas.

From September to October 2016, 9 young filmmakers from the rural areas of Brandenburg (Germany), Attica (Greece) and Aragon (Spain) will travel as transnational groups through these regions, where they will interview other young people about their lives, dreams and everyday challenges.

The result? A documentary showing active, dynamic and modern young people who are dedicating their lives to protect, restore and revive habitats, local communities and traditional culture in the region where they live. Through their engagement at the local level they put into practice a vision of Europe that is based on sustainability, solidarity and pluralism, which challenges stereotypes, media spin and nationalistic discourse.



The film crew and the coordinators from Citizens For Europe, Bridging Europe and Fondo Natural at the kick-off meeting in Berlin