Project Coordinator

Citizens for Europe

Citizens For Europe

Citizens For Europe (CFE), a Berlin based non-profit NGO, promotes the development of a participatory and inclusive European Union. CFE focuses on issues of citizenship, diversity, migration and political participation in the EU.

Its transnational projects include online voting platforms, local street campaigns, international conferences, academic research and publications as well as interactive workshops.

CFE applies participatory approaches, non-formal education techniques and brings together a broad variety of private and public actors to develop creative and innovative solutions utilizing the collective intelligence of its network.


Fondo Natural

Fondo Natural

Fondo Natural is a non-profit environmental NGO, formally established in 1991, whose aim is to promote public awareness and participation in nature protection, contributing to the well-being of society as a whole.

Fondo Natural works on 3 big areas:

  • Environmental Protection: biodiversity, heritage, climate, water, soil, pollution;
  • Quality of life: health, food, responsible consumption, public involvement, cooperation;
  • Social and Economic sustainability: employment, social inclusion, rural development.


Bridging Europe

Bridging Europe

Bridging Europe is an Athens-based European think-tank that conducts research, social surveys, effective information analysis, online and offline media and communication services.

Our team identifies complex socio-economic, geopolitical and cultural shifts in Europe and its wider regions to help decision-makers, businessmen and citizens make the most of change and opportunity.



European Alternatives Berlin

European Alternatives Berlin runs regular activities in Germany with volunteers, round-table discussions with citizens on citizenship themes, cultural activities and political education workshops.

It has established close partnerships with other organisations in Germany running similar activities as well as foundations (such as Böll Foundation, for example). Our objective is to build up the network of European Alternatives in Germany and to help build up grassroot activities to a European level of engagement.