Lesvos, day 2: Filming at Mosaik with Sophia Piyi

Our second day began in the early morning, preparing and testing the equipment before the interview with our second Greek protagonist, Sophia Piyi, at Mosaik – a center where refugees and migrants can receive language, legal and social aid until their legal procedure in Lesvos is completed. Sophia organises creative workshops with the refugees, during which they make bags out of the life jackets that overwhelmed the island in the last few months.


                           Sophia in her work space designing a bag from a life jacket

The main goal of this project is “to create conditions of integration and opportunities for education, psychosocial support, and creative activities”. In doing so, the community center hopes to facilitate the inclusion of newcomers without neglecting their individual needs.


                                           The view from inside the garden located in the entrance of Mosaik center

Not only will access to these services fill a gap in basic humanitarian aid within the camps, but it will also provide the refugees who arrived on the island with the sense of empowerment, self-responsibility and autonomy that every human being deserves.

With her optimism and energy, Sophia would also like to inspire young locals to be more engaged, as well as to revive their interest in creativiy and arts.


                              Sophia introduced us to the various arts& crafts workshops organised at Mosaik center

After our interview with Sophia, we took a walk around the island and the picturesque narrow streets nearby Mosaik Center.

In the late afternoon, we got to see more of our second protagonist’s everyday life, filming more shots with Sophia at her own place.


As always, we had a lot of fun in the process!





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